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As the trend in compassionate and cooperative care for pets grows, we take your client experience to the next level.  Pet Pawse keeps dogs focused on a simple, rewarding task that supports emotional well-being and helps alleviate fear, anxiety and stress. Introduce it during routine exams or specialized care, such as acupuncture or other therapies, to create a positive association with visiting you. 

Simple to use, easy cleanup and pre-filled for convenience.  Don’t spend valuable time prepping treats or stopping in the middle of your procedure to find something else to keep your dog occupied.  Pet Pawse is hands free and lasts up to 15 minutes.

Whether you're a veterinarian, technician or specialist, we'll help you provide a better experience for pets, parents and your team.



Pet Pawse is designed for convenience with an easy-to-reach package sized to fit inside a cabinet or sit on the counter.  Cases of individual, single use cups arrive prefilled with an all natural peanut butter, with one screen per cup. The durable base is sanitizer and dishwasher safe for long term, repeated use.

Order an introductory kit to get started or build your own package with multiple bases and cases of treats for each exam or treatment room.

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada only.


"We have been using Pet Pawse in our clinic for several months and have been very happy with the product. The peanut butter is just the right consistency and squeezes up out of the holes as the dog licks. The base is very stable and helps keep the dog in one place, allowing us to do an exam, trim toenails, give vaccinations, and draw blood without much difficulty. It definitely works better than giving the dog peanut butter on a stick and can be used to direct the dog's attention right away when entering the exam room. If your dog (or patient) likes peanut butter, I highly recommend trying Pet Pawse!"

Dr. Lori Scarlett, DVM
Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic | Madison, WI

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Our treat cups are pre-filled with an all natural peanut butter made by the trusted Hampton Farms here in the USA, in a human grade facility. For ingredient and nutritional information click here.