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Pet Parents


Pet Pawse treat cups quickly and naturally ease the anxiety, stress and boredom that can affect your dog on a daily basis by providing a long lasting, satisfying treat and task. 

  • all natural, dog friendly peanut butter
  • alleviates fear, anxiety and stress
  • strengthens your bond
  • portable, enjoyable & long lasting
  • no refrigeration needed
  • When your pet has finished, dispose or recycle the single use cup and screen. The durable base is dishwasher safe, with a slip resistant silicone ring.  

    Pet Pawse treats can be used at home, in the car, on vacation, or at the vet or groomer to help create a positive experience.  All of our product ingredients and packaging components are sourced and manufactured in the United States, including our peanut butter.  

    Easy to use, long-lasting with minimal clean up.  Nourish the bond with Pet Pawse.


    Our dog friendly peanut butter is made with just emulsified peanuts and a little oil, with peanuts sourced from farmers in the USA and made by the trusted Hampton Farms. We are currently shipping to U.S. and Canada, only.
    Our treat cups are pre-filled with an all natural peanut butter made by the trusted Hampton Farms here in the USA, in a human grade facility. For ingredient and nutritional information click here.