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Pet Pawse treat cups are designed to provide a task and treat that builds on positive relationships and associations between humans and their canine pets.  We are uniquely suited to support modern, positive reinforcement training techniques. 

Using a patented design, Pet Pawse is hands free, long lasting and easy to use.  Each single use, individual cup is prefilled with an all natural peanut butter made with just emulsified peanuts and a little oil.  The concave screen slows the rate of treat fill delivery, creating a lasting reward.  Our durable base unit is reusable and dishwasher safe.  Use multiple bases with a class and provide a single use, individual treat cup with screen for each attendee.


  • all natural dog friendly peanut butter made in the USA
  • immediately rewarding
  • improves the human-canine bond
  • alleviates fear, anxiety and stress
  • portable, long lasting with easy clean up


Order an introductory kit to get started and use during individual training sessions or build your own package with multiple bases and cases of treats for group classes.

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada only.


"I was delighted to see your product as I work with fearful/reactive dogs and frequently teach counter conditioning/desensitization to the human client. It makes it easier when they can focus on one thing while the reinforcement is available hands free. The win is faster for the client which is what keeps them motivated."

Janet Vera, CPDT-KA
Watertown, MA
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Our treat cups are pre-filled with an all natural peanut butter made by the trusted Hampton Farms here in the USA, in a human grade facility. For ingredient and nutritional information click here.