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About Us

Just like you, we are animal lovers, pet parents and people-who-post-dog-photos. Our dog is part of our family and it's a bond that can't be broken.

Pet Pawse provides a rewarding treat and task for the furry "humans" in your family, so you can nourish that bond anytime and anywhere. A patented design slows consumption so it lasts.

Use it at home as a reward or distraction. It’s portable, disposable and easy to use so you can take it with you in the car to keep your pup occupied while running errands or on vacation. It’s also perfect to help your pet cope at the vet’s office, groomer or while boarding.

We started with peanut butter – a favorite treat for our furry family members – and made it without any sugar, salt or artificial sweeteners. Just all natural dry roasted peanuts and a little oil, produced right here in the USA in a food-safe place where peanut butter for people is also made. Truthfully, we admit to enjoying some of this great peanut butter ourselves (don’t tell the dog.)

Pet Pawse. Nourish the bond.

Our treat cups are pre-filled with an all natural peanut butter made by the trusted Hampton Farms here in the USA, in a human grade facility. For ingredient and nutritional information click here.